What causes poverty: A question people need to consider

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Poverty is a global problem that is commonly experience by the people. It is a universal problem that are experienced by the people. It is characterized in the shortage of wealth that people possess.There are two varieties of poverty people need to be familiar with. These are the absolute type of poverty and the relative poverty as well. When it comes to the absolute poverty it refers to the scarcity in the basic needs of human usually includes food, water, even clothing and shelter.

Relative poverty is more of the economic inequality in the place where people are residing.What are the causes of poverty, a common question asked by those people who are not aware of the causes of this situation? Poverty has several causes regardless of its types. Learning some of the basic causes of this poverty is very essential in fighting against this situation.

It is very captivating to learn some of the specific causes of this poverty. This is important in order to unchain the cycle of its causes to the people. Whether it is the absolute type or the relative type of poverty, the major causes of which are just the same that people really needs to be aware of.One of the major causes of poverty is illiteracy of the people. This is apparent to people doesn’t acquire the skills even in writing and reading that made it difficult for them to have a job.

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Nuru InternationalEducation is very important in order to acquire the aspired wealth you are aiming for, but without this education you would no longer be as prosperous as what you expect. Education is very important in getting rid of this poverty since this would completely give them a successful job in the future. Another cause of poverty is more of poor health condition of the people. People who has unhealthy body will no longer be capable of doing work. Instead of working, they will be just spending amount of money in order to treat their illnesses.

Better health of people, many opportunities awaits them in order to work harder and spend their time doing essential and effective things that could throw poverty situations in their life. Poor health condition may cause several diseases and illnesses that may also be one of the causes of this poverty.Even if you have a job, poverty would always be on your side. This is when you are only acquiring low income in your job.

This is evident for families which are considered to have huge number of family members specifically when only one family member is working. Low income may lead to poverty in a way that it could no longer meet the basic needs of the people.Determining this causes is very important for the people. This is specifically essential to those who are still asking more about it. Determining some of this causes is very essential. This is to acquire a wealthy life free from the consequences of this poverty.